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Lucian of Samosata Vivus et Redivivus

Cover of Lucian of Samosata Vivus et Redivivus



Edited by Christopher Ligota and Letizia Panizza. Published 2007. ISBN: 9780854811380.



Detailed Description

The essays in this volume bring together, in a revised and updated form, papers presented at a colloquium held at the Warburg Institute in December 1995.  As the title suggests, Lucian is considered both in his contemporary environment and in his Nachleben, and the overall purpose is to show the freshness and resilience of the presence in European culture of an author whose well-aimed satirical wit has, from his time to ours, led to defensive attempts at repression and expulsion from the cultural canon.  As Kurt Tucholsky put it, nothing was sacred to Lucian, which makes him a ‘friend, cousin, brother, comrade at arms’.


Simon Swain - The Three Faces of Lucian
Christopher Ligota - Lucian on the Writing of History: Obsolescence Survived
Letizia Panizza - Vernacular Lucian in Renaissance Italy: Translations and Transformations
Isabelle Pantin - Kepler et Lucien: Des voyages extraordinaires au ludus philosophicus
Jean Michel Massing - A Few More Calumnies: Lucian and the Visual Arts
Emmanuel Bury - Un sophiste impérial à l’Académie: Lucien en France au XVIIe siècle
Luc Deitz - Wieland’s Lucian
Manuel Baumbach - Lucian in German Nineteenth-Century Scholarship
Introduction and Index.