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Schiller in England 1787-1960: a Bibliography

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Edited by R. Pick. Published 1961. ISBN: 9780854570126.



Detailed Description

This bibliography lists such works of Friedrich Schiller as have appeared in Britain, either in the original or in translation. It includes biographical and critical material published in book form or in periodicals, and references to the poet and his work in English books and journals, as well as notices of performances and broadcasts of his plays. The work of British authors published abroad, or of Commonwealth and foreign authors published in Britain, has also been included, as well as references by foreign authors, even though published abroad, to the reception of Schiller's works in this country.
The list is arranged chronologically, and the year-by-year account adopted here may convey some idea of the varying fortunes of Schiller in England. There were times when Schiller exercised a powerful influence on eminent minds, and when his works were read by educated men and women throughout these islands. To those willing to read between the lines of a bibliography, its dry statements disclose significant facts and trends.