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Gottfried von Strassburg and the Medieval Tristan Legend

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Edited by Adrian Stevens and Roy Wisbey. Published 1990. ISBN: 9780854571468.



Detailed Description

This volume comprises selected papers from the symposium held in March 1986 at the Institute of Germanic Studies in London. The symposium was conceived by the organisers as an experiment in transatlantic dialogue and the papers represent the views of scholars from a variety of North American and British universities. The main focus of attention is Gottfried's Tristan. Familiar assumptions about the text are questioned and fresh perspectives are offered on many contentious issues. Those disagreements which persist are themselves a reflection of the problems posed by Gottfried's masterpiece. New light is thrown on the treatment of the Tristan theme in medieval and modern times.


MICHAEL CURSCHMANN: ‘Images of Tristan’;
W.J. McCANN: ‘Tristan: The Celtic Material Re-Examined’;
MARGARET BROWN and C. STEPHEN JAEGER: ‘Pageantry and Court Aesthetic in Gottfried’s Tristan: The Procession of the Hunters’;
MARTIN H. JONES: ‘The Depiction of Military Conflict in Gottfried’s Tristan’;
ADRIAN STEVENS: ‘The Renewal of the Classic: Aspects of Rhetorical and Dialectical Composition in Gottfried’s Tristan’;
ARTHUR GROOS: ‘Goethefried von Straßburg? Appropriation and Anxiety in Wagner’s Tristan Libretto’;
THOMAS KERTH: ‘Marke’s Royal Decline’;
MICHAEL BATTS: ‘The Role of King Marke in Gottfried’s Tristan – and Elsewhere’;
MARIANNE WYNN: ‘Gottfried’s Heroine’;
JANET WHARTON: ‘“Daz lebende paradis”? A Consideration of the Love of Tristan and Isot in the Light of the “huote” Discourse’;
GEORGE GILLESPIE: ‘“Tristan- und Siegfriedliebe”: A Comparative Study of Gottfried’s Tristan and the Nibelungenlied’;
JOAN M. FERRANTE: ‘“Ez ist ein zunge, dunket mich”: Fiction, Deception and Self-Deception in Gottfried’s Tristan’;
LESLIE SEIFERT: ‘Finding, Guarding and Betraying the Truth. Isolde’s Art and Skill, and the Sweet Discretion of her Lying in Gottfried’s Tristan’;
SIDNEY M. JOHNSON: ‘Medieval German Dwarfs: A Footnote to Gottfried’s Melot’;
PETRUS W. TAX: ‘Wounds and healings: Aspects of Salvation and Tragic Love in Gottfried’s Tristan’;
AUGUST CLOSS: ‘The Love Potion as a Poetic Symbol in Gottfried’s Tristan’;
H.B. WILSON: ‘“Senen” and “triuwe”: Gottfried’s unfinished Tristan’;
ROY WISBEY: ‘Living in the Presence of the Past: Exemplary Perspectives in Gottfried’s Tristan’;