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Essays in German Literature

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Edited by F. Norman. Published 1965. ISBN: 9780854570232.



Detailed Description

This is the first volume of miscellaneous essays to be published by the Institute of Germanic Studies. In every case they were first delivered as lectures. The essays by Ronald Taylor and Idris Parry are based on addresses given at University College, Bangor in the spring of 1963 at the annual meeting of the Conference of Teachers of German in the Universities and University Colleges of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The other five were originally lectures read at the Institute. It was pure chance, though a fortunate one, that three of the essays in this volume by Northcott Knight and Yuill deal with varieties of the 'fool' or 'folly'. Folly may this be considered as giving a somewhat spurious cohesion to this collection.


F. NORMAN: Preface;
R.J. TAYLOR: ‘Minnesang – Wort Unde Wîse’;
K.J. NORTHCOTT: ‘The Fool in Early New High German Literature: Some Observations’;
K.G. KNIGHT: ‘Seventeenth-Century Views of Human Folly’;
W.E. YUILL: ‘Abderitis and Abderitism - Some Reflections on a Novel by Wieland’;
J.W. SMEED: ‘Jean Paul’s Dreams’;
J.O. SCHRÖDER: ‘Mörike und Hofmannstahl. "Besuch in Urach" und "Vorspiel für ein Puppentheater"’;
IDRIS PARRY: ‘Elias Canetti’s Novel Die Blendung’.