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Mexican Foreign Policy at the Turn of the Century: How Domestic a Foreign Policy?

Mexican Foreign Policy cover



By Ana Covarrubias. Published 2005. ISBN 9781900039659



Detailed Description

This study considers the manner in which process that culminated in the signature of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) prompted a discussion about the ‘new orientation’ of Mexico’s foreign policy. This was part of a broader debate about transformations in the international system, especially with the end of the Cold War and also regarding changes within Mexico. The task of understanding the new direction of foreign policy was facilitated by the election of Vicente Fox in 2002 when the official discourse adopted the idea of a new foreign policy defined as active and gave it a predominant place in the government’s priorities. The foreign policy project identified 'strategic' objectives such as the promotion of democracy and the protection of human rights at the international level and the development of a long-term view of a North American region. This new policy is assessed in the context of Mexico’s previous foreign policy.