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The Third Man: Francisco Burdett O'Connor and the Emancipation of the Americas




By James Dunkerley. Published 1999. ISBN



Detailed Description

Francisco Burdett O'Connor came from a Cork family prominent in the radical politics of the British Isles during the 'era of revolutions' from 1780 to 1850. His uncle, Arthur, was a leader of the United Irishmen and his brother Feargus was the most famous of the Chartists. Francisco himself left Dublin for Venezuela in 1819 and never returned to Europe. He served as a cavalry commander for Bolivar and Sucre and then as chief of staff of the united patriot army in Peru for the last phase of the War of Independence. Settling in 1827 in Tarija, Bolivia, O'Connor spent the rest of his long life farming, with occasional periods of military service. This brief biography, delivered as an inaugural lecture in June 1999, reviews a singular life in terms of its family context and the modern debates on globalisation and political change.