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The European Revolutions of 1848 and the Americas

The European Revolution of 1848 and the Americas cover



Edited by Guy Thomson . Published 2002. ISBN 9781900039437



Detailed Description

Very little has been written on the impact of the European revolutions of 1848 on the Americas. Nevertheless, their influence particularly in the case of France was palpable. The revolutions of 1848 renewed and extended democratic vocabulary and republican symbolism from Canada to Chile. This collection looks at the catalytic effect of Europe's 'springtime of the peoples' in the Americas prompting the disenfranchised to demand representative institutions and to conceive of themselves as sovereign people and giving rise to radical and progressive liberal parties – the Free Soil Movement/Free Democrats in the United States the Reform Liberals in Mexico the 'progresista' liberal parties in Colombia and Peru the' Society of Equality' and the Radical Party in Chile – that challenged the political groupings that had served since Independence.