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Territories, Commodities & Knowledges: Latin American Env'mental Histories in 19th & 20th Centuries

Territories, Commodities cover



Edited by Christian Brannstrom . Published 2004. ISBN 9781900039574



Detailed Description

Environmental history has seen the emergence of new methodologies and conceptual debates, with Latin America at the forefront of these developments. This collection engages with emerging conceptual debates within environmental history. Issues addressed include the territorial expansion of the state and its impact on environmental resources and indigenous populations; environmental transformation (lake-drainage projects in central Mexico the expansion of sugar-cane production in Cuba and soil-sedimentation issues); and landscape ‘improvements’ brought about by technological change (banana-breeding schemes the breeding of Zebu cattle in central Brazil and the introduction of plants to South America). This volume places the specific case-studies within the field’s main themes relating them not only to Latin America but also to related topics in the North American European African and Asian historiographies.