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God and the Constitution: Towards a New Legal Theology




By Stephen B. Presser. Published 1998. ISBN 9780718714604



Detailed Description

Paradoxically, the U.S. Constitution not only supports the separation of church and state but also adheres to many theological undertones in its very wording. It is this adherence to something divine and spiritual – a force that seems to check mankind’s unbridled impulses – that Lady Thatcher herself praised when suggesting this American way as exemplary. However this very adherence to a divine being seems to be waning in America society, a development that Stephen Presser views as ominous. In particular he addresses the overall history and development of such theological implications within American law and the Constitution, and concludes in the manner of Edmund Burke and several others that spirituality in the laws – whether it be religion, Christianity etc. – is sine qua non.