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Democracy after Pinochet: Politics, Parties and Elections in Chile

Democracy after Pinochet cover



By Alan Angell. Published 2007. ISBN 9781900039710



Detailed Description

This book examines the politics of democracy in Chile since the election of 1989 saw the transition from a military dictatorship. Since that date, democracy has become firmly established in Chile and the country has seen an unpredecented period of economic growth and political stability. Yet the experience of the 1973 coup the long period of dictatorship and of exile for the opposition cast long shadows over Chile. This book examines how the insitutions of authoritarianism have weakened over time and how democracy has become firmly institutionalised. The core of the book analyses the four Presidential elections that have seen the same governing coalition win resounding victories; and other chapters focus on the legacy of the Pinochet regime on the evolution of the party system and on how the public views politics and institutions.