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Brazil Since 1985: Economy, Polity and Society

Brazil since 1985 cover



Edited by Maria D'Alva Kinzo & James Dunkerley . Published 2003. ISBN 9781900039536



Detailed Description

Looking into Brazil’s recent experience of democracy is an arduous task, given the complexities of a country of continental size and great regional contrasts where areas of prosperity and wealth mingle with underdevelopment and poverty. This book considers some of the important issues that help to understand the challenges of both building up and keeping a democracy working. How should we assess Brazil’s experience of democracy? To what extent has the emergence of a democratic regime improved Brazilians’ social economic and political life? Has democracy been consolidated to the point of making a political breakdown unthinkable or improbable? These are questions that any student of Brazil has to address. The answers to them however are far from simple.